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Definition of Reminiscente

Have you heard this word but don’t know the meaning? Its etymological origin comes from the word reminiscencia, which is translated as the “ability to remember the past“. Don’t forget this and keep reading!

Reminiscente is a relatively new term that is defined as: “evoking or remembering something previous in time”. It first appeared in 2014 by the RAE, although it was exposed in recent years. It is mainly related to the philosopher Plato, creator of the theory of reminiscencia, which translates as “theory of knowledge according to which it is to remember.”

What is Reminiscente?

Reminiscente is a word that begins with the prefix “re“, which refers to “backwards“, the concept of the word is associated with memory, memories or evocations.

Still not clear to you? A Reminiscencia is the mental representation of an event or situation that took place in the past.
To improve your perception of the subject, we give you some examples of how the word Reminiscente is used in its expression:

“The sun brings me reminiscencia of my days in the country”

“She stared at me, and a reminiscencia came to my mind”

“I can’t at least have a reminiscencia of that time”

Reminiscente Contexts

In psychology the term Reminiscente is used to refer to the improvement that a person presents in learning, when he experiences a time of rest.

It is also linked to art, reminiscencia occurs when the artist shows certain characteristics in his work that resemble others “In painting, Andrés’s work reflects reminiscencia of the Mona Lisa”.


Now you can use this word without fear of using it erroneously, our duty is to offer you the various meanings of those terms that you may not know, always in the clearest and simplest way. Remember that here you have unique and exclusive content