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Definition of :3

This emoticon is used to qualify something as adorable, innocent, totally liked or satisfying. For example: Have you seen Gabriela’s dog? – Yeah, it’s very beautiful! :3

By extension it is used to refer to a situation in which something is expressed with a picaresque sense and, sometimes, s##xual. For example: Do you accompany me to see a movie at home? :3 – Yes of course, I like the idea. :3


It is said that it has Japanese origin and comes from the Japanese anime-manga. Used to qualify something as “cute or kawaii”. Another theory claims that it is a facial expression and reflects a person biting their lower lip, mostly to express sexual or libidinal desire.

On the other hand, it can also resemble the face of a cat, with the two dots representing the eyes and the number 3 representing the snout or nose; without neglecting its meaning that something is adorable.


The smileys by symbols 🙂 were pioneers in text messaging services, but thanks to technological advances have been replaced by more expressive figures and better design. ???.

Knowing the meaning of emoticons such as :3 that are used daily in conversations, will give greater clarity to use them.