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Definition of Pytagua

Now it is the turn of knowing the meaning of Pytagua, a word originating from the Guarani language, which is spoken by approximately twelve million people in the southern cone of the American continent, specifically in Paraguay and northeastern Argentina .

The main meaning of Pytagua to Spanish translates as“Foreigner or Stranger”. However, it should be noted that according to the context it can be used to refer or emphasize that something is red.

Expressions with the Pytagua Word

Next, we will be reviewing some examples to understand in a simple and concrete way, how the word Pytagua is used in different contexts, situations, scenarios or circumstances.

Example No. 1:

Grandson —“Grandpa who good is The New Song of Shakira”

Grandpa–“Not bad, but I’m always going to prefer to hear ours than that Pytagua music.”

Example No. 2:

As we have already mentioned, the word Pytagua can also be understood to refer to the red color.

Boy —“Mommy, do you promise me that if I go well on the exam you buy me the sweater you promised me?

Mom —“If my love”

Child —“If it’s Pytagua much better”

Support of the word Pytagua

Pytagua as part of the Guarani language is supported by the recognition of the Academy of the Guarani language, which was founded in 2013. It is responsible for regularizing, organizing and standardizing the Guarani language. In addition to constituting the alphabet and creating terminological dictionaries of the Guarani language.

One of the historical phrases spoken in the Guarani language and which includes the word Pytagua was in charge of the chief Lambar, who according to Guarani mythology was a brave warrior who faced the conquerors in defense of his people.

He said: “Mba’eicha rupi o’ata pytagua ku’ra omboaparypy teta guaranime, oicua’yre iñe”ejha imba’embyasy” which translates into “As foreigners will come to enslave the land Guarani, without knowing their tongue and their feelings”

Finally, it is necessary to mention that language is a unique manifestation of the feeling of each individual, Pytagua represents part of Paraguayan national identity and reinforces the culture of that country. The opportunity is needed to remember that in Paraguay Guarani was official as the second national language in 1992.