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Definition of Profano

Adjective that applies to everything that is not sacred. That is, it functions as the counterpart of that which has been set aside for liturgical, religious or similar purposes.

By extension and use it indicates that which is evil or satanic in character, from the Christian perspective. In other words, something or someone who does not follow holy standards or is directly opposed to them.


 One who is characterized by living in an unbridled way and enjoying freedoms and excesses.


  1. Civil
  2. Laic
  3. Secular
  4. Earthly
  5. Unchaste


  1. Sacred
  2. Sanctified
  3. Blessed
  4. Pure
  5. Sublime


The etymology of this word is linked to the Latin profanum. Pro is a Latin prefix whose meaning is “opposite” and fanum which means “temple”This refers to what is outside the temple, which in various cultures was conceived as not holy or gentile people.

By the etymology of this word, profane can be interpreted as something that is outside the sacred or separate from the holy. In addition, the verb desecrate is usually used to refer to religious vandalism, such as desecrating sacred objects, that is, using them for common or different things than those that have been originally arranged.


 A profane person can also be one who dresses in an exaggerated way and of little modesty

The desecration of tombs is given by a group of people who are given the task of visiting cemeteries and doing acts of vandalism, such as destroying tombstones.

 Defilers, in recent times, have made desecration a trade, since they can sell the bones.