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Definition of Prepotente

Prepotente is used to denote a person who is more powerful than others, but who abuses or flaunts his or her power. The word is used to refer to a person who feels influential. Generally, he imposes his authority or power to obtain a profit or benefit.


  1. Powerful
  2. Dominating
  3. Superior
  4. Oppressive
  5. Arrogant
  6. Egocentric

ORIGIN OF Prepotente

Etymologically, the word prepotente is of Latin origin praepotens, praepotentis, which is formed from the prefix prae meaning before, before, ahead of or in advance, although in many contexts it assumes the meaning of “more than” and potens, potentis employs the agent suffix nt/ent on a root that is the same as that of the adjective potis (powerful) and the adverb poti (possibly).

The meaning of the latter is potent, potestas, potency, power, potency, possible, empowering, powerful and powerful. This Latin root is associated with an Indo-European root poti (powerful, lord).
These words refer to someone who is very powerful, excessively powerful or who can do more. From it is derived the word praepotentia from which comes prepotentia.

Prepotence is then the quality of the one who has power before others, abuse of power. However, nowadays a prepotent person is someone haughty, arrogant, arrogant, leisure, disdainful, egocentric and insolent, because he considers himself better or superior than the other people around him.
These people are usually disrespectful to others and it is one of the most common characteristics of several autocratic, tyrannical and dictatorial leaders.


In English, the word prepotent is translated as prepotent under the same meaning, with the difference that in the English language it does not imply abuse of authority.