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Definition of Juicioso

A judicious person (juicioso in Spanish) is someone who shows good judgment, prudence and maturity in his actions and decisions. It is a person who acts with reasonableness, sanity, reflection, logic, formality. Normally, he/she thinks before acting and thus makes good decisions.


  1. Sensible
  2. With sanity
  3. Who makes good decisions
  4. With good judgment
  5. Prudent
  6. Mature

ORIGIN OF Juicioso

This term is composed of the noun “judgment” and the suffix “oso” to denote a characteristic quality, related, similar, possessing or causing. Basically, this is the origin that has had its varied meanings in each region.

For example, in Colombia it refers to a person who has good behavior, follows the rules and is exemplary. Sometimes it has the connotation of being busy in a work context and who also executes his work activities very well.

Likewise, when it refers to a judicious person, it is someone who has good habits, makes excellent decisions, is faithful, moral and blameless. So generally, it has a positive connotation and it is a very great compliment to the one who is awarded this quality.


According to a personnel test there is a type that is identified as “Introverted Sensitive Sentimental Judicious Sensitive” (ISFJ) which are characterized by their desire to serve others, by their “need to be needed”.

Some extreme cases have this need more pronounced that standard mutual relationships are more unsatisfactory for them.

It is worth noting that ISFJs are under-appreciated at work, at home and at play. Which is ironic because they are always noted for their loyalty and unlimited, quality work, but other people tend to take advantage of them.