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Definition of Play

The word play has many meanings, for example, in Colombia it means that something is good or fun. It can also be used to denote a positive quality in people: “ese chico es muy play”; in other words, that guy is very nice or pleasant.

In other Latin countries, the word play, on the contrary, means that something is ready or the approval of some document, procedure or action. Example: “Dale play a la comida”.


  1. Sympathetic
  2. Pleasant
  3. Chévere
  4. Nice
  5. Wonderful
  6. Smart
  7. Now
  8. Start
  9. Play


The word play is an English word that means to play or reproduce. Its origin dates back to countries like the United States and England who introduced, in the digital world, this term making buttons in video games with this word to indicate the start of the session in each world or simply to start the game.

Its use in the Latin world changed completely or perhaps distorted the meaning making now use of the term play to indicate that something is ready or simply that a person is charming or very nice.


Did you know that in Colombia this term is not common? The word play, by itself, is not usually used unless it is a slightly jocular word used in popular slang to denote social class such as “super-hypermegaplay”.

This word is used to qualify a group of people or a specific person who has been reciprocated in kindness and respect and who, in addition, possesses an incredible and open social ability, a person who is able to engage in conversation and help others, that is the one who deserves the term “superhypermegaplay”.