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Pin Pin

Definition of Pin Pin


  1. It is used to refer to a sacred ritual celebrated each year with a dance in honor of mother earth. All this is as a thank you, a request for fertility and social welfare for the community. It is also known as Arete Guazú.


  1. No space in between is a synonym for “dumb” or “stupid”. An example of this would be: Xabier is nothing but a pinpin to conquer, they always take advantage of him.


  1. Part of the hens in which the tail feathers of these birds are housed. Normally, it is served together with the prey called “rump” or that contains the upper part of the animal’s body.


  1. In many areas of Latin America this word is used as a synonym for ” clown “. This is so by the adoption of some of these artists of this particular name.



Pin pin is an onomatopoeic expression because its sound closely resembles its meaning. Originally, this term was used in the province of Jujuy to refer to a tribal celebration performed by the Chiriguamos or Chaguancos as part of the social and religious rituals of gratitude. In the Chiriguana or Guaraní language it means “Arete Guazú” or “big party”.


The origin of this meaning is associated with the English word pin, which translates as “alfiler” into Spanish. Based on this meaning, the word pin is associated with something that has a point, such as the back of chickens.


  1. Pin pin is a song by the Puerto Rican Michael Torres, better known as “Mike Towers”. This theme was released in the middle of the year 2021.
  2. In Guatemala there is a beer called “Utz pin pin” that has been on the market since 1919. This phrase comes from the Mayan language and means “very, very good”.