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Pick up

Definition of Pick up

The “Pick Up” lines are those phrases that men and women usually use to “pick up” a person, get their attention, try to conquer them and break the ice to start a possible conversation. They are usually used at parties, discos and bars.

In social networks are usually given tips of the best “Pick up” phrases with funny sentences full of double meaning.


Pick up


To fall in love




The English phrase pick up means to pick up, to pick up, to pick something up, and in the context of seduction it is understood as a technique to flirt.

It is a North American slang expression and became very popular during the 70’s thanks to the magazine “Pick up Times” and a film and autobiographical production of James Toback called “The Pick up Artist”.

Its most recent massive use was from 2005 after the publication of the best-seller by Neil Strauss called “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”.

A pickup artist is considered a pickup artist, i.e. an expert in attracting girls, seducing them, conquering them.

In this sense, in TikTok, Instagram and Facebook it is possible to see thousands of proposals of pickup lines aimed at different sexes and one more original than another, although of course not necessarily its effectiveness is proven. Nevertheless, it is a very good first step.


Pick up is one of the most used phrasal verbs in the English language in the context of “Pick up someone or something to take it somewhere else”. It is part of the essential practice for all those who are learning the language.