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Definition of Pericia

The word pericia refers to the skill, knowledge or agility that one possesses in a specific area. It can be understood as the broad knowledge that one has on a particular topic.


  1. Expertise
  2. Skill
  3. Ingenuity
  4. Wisdom
  5. Practice
  6. Ability


The word pericia comes from the Latin peritia, which means “the ability to have experience.” It, in turn, comes from the root peritus, which refers to experience, and when the suffix ia is added, it acquires the meaning of quality.

Likewise, we find a root in Latin, periculum, which means a difficult test, an obstacle to overcome. From there, the word pericia takes on the meaning of having skill or a lot of experience in a subject that usually requires some difficulty that not everyone can handle.


In the field of Law, the word pericia is used to demarcate some points that the judge must know about the assigned case. This is called “points of expertise.”

Likewise, in the area of justice, there is a career called “criminal expert,” which includes some other branches such as “graphological expertise” and more.

Also, experts are those in charge of collecting enough criminal or any other area of evidence that justifies the innocence or guilt of someone or to verify any knowledge or hypothesis that is believed to be true.

Another interesting fact we can mention is that Perito is the name of one of the glaciers in Argentine Patagonia, to be more precise, its full name is Perito Moreno, and it is one of the most accessible. It stands out from the sea about 60 meters high and has a depth of about 170 meters in proximity.