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Perco o 512

Definition of Perco o 512

Perco is short for “percocet”, an opioid called oxycodone and which is potentiated by acetaminophen.

SYNONYMS FOR Perco o 512

  1. Drug
  2. Oxycodone

ORIGIN OF Perco o 512

A new code has appeared and has been mentioned in the greatest hits of urban music for some years now.

The number 512 causes a lot of curiosity, as it reminds us of the already known 420 for marijuana.
However, when listening to it, it is quite clear that it is talking about some drug, but it is not easy to deduce which one, without a little research.

The “512” that is so often repeated in reggaeton lyrics and choruses is a secret nod to oxycodone, an opioid analgesic. Although it can also refer to any of its other trade names, most refer to “Percocet”,
Informally this drug is also called “perco” or “pelco”, in imitation of the lambdacism typical of Caribbean Spanish.

The relationship between the number 512 and oxycodone has no great mystery, since it is only the number that appears engraved on the tablets of the drug in its commercial form.

As with almost all alternative drug names, this one also comes from street slang, which is used to distract people when they are talking about something related to its consumption.


There is a biographical series of Nicky Jam where it is revealed that he consumed more than 30 pills a day.

The popularization of the consumption of this opioid analgesic, as well as other various drugs such as Xanax, has been incited by its frequent mention in the genre of trap and reggaeton.