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Definition of Ñapa

The word ñapa refers to a free portion, object or time that is given willingly. Generally, the term is used to indicate a prize or compensation given by a salesman to his customer for any specific reason.

In almost all Latin American countries, the word ñapa means the same thing and is used in sentences such as “ñapita recibí esto”.


  1. Gift
  2. Free portion
  3. Extra
  4. Help
  5. Increase
  6. Added
  7. Free


The word ñapa comes from a Quechua term, there is also the word written as yapa and pronounced the same way, however, due to the exchange of cultures and languages, ñapa is its original and most popularized term.

It is believed that the origin of this word began in the Inca culture and thanks to the colonizers its use and meaning spread beyond what was expected.

The United States, France and other cultures far from the Latin environment, also use a term to refer to that free gift that is obtained through a purchase, more than anything else.


The word ñapa is a term used in the commercial environment, this is because the Incas used terms of exchange to carry out the process of buying and selling.

The colonizers were fascinated with so many ways of receiving and offering that they began to use ñapa as a way to grow the business and export materials, making customers come back to buy next times.

Ñapa is also used to give a last blow in a very tight fight or a last kiss to someone who is leaving and will not be seen again.