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Definition of Ludoteca

Ludoteca or a toy library in English Language is a recreational place that has both toys and games and, in general terms, it is a place where children have the possibility of having fun, making use of the items found there.


  1. Children’s recreation site
  2. Playground
  3. Child day care center
  4. Childhood
  5. Preschool

ORIGIN OF Ludoteca

We will begin by knowing where the term “ludoteca” comes from etymologically, and in this case we must state that it is the result of the conjunction of two lexicons of different origins.

Specifically, it was formed from the Latin word “ludus”, which can be translated as “game”, with a Greek word “teca”, which means “place where there is” or even “box”.

A toy library is a place or recreational area that has toys and games and in general we are talking about an environment in which children have the possibility to have fun using the games and toys that are kept there.

However, it should be noted that toy libraries were conceived as purely pedagogical spaces, so at the early childhood education level they are used to stimulate children’s minds and teach them different values such as the importance of sharing, companionship and solidarity.

However, in the case of children’s toy libraries, it is obvious that the toys cannot contain toxic substances or present sharp edges or points that put the little ones at risk as a way of guaranteeing their safety and well-being.


At a general level and beyond the distinctions according to the age of the users, in the toy libraries we find elements which not only help the development of the imagination but also stimulate concentration.

They also allow the development of children’s social skills, giving them the opportunity to meet others and thus establish relationships of equality and friendship with them.