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Definition of Jeong

Jeong is a term of Korean origin that describes a deep feeling of emotional connection and affection towards someone or something.

It is a feeling that goes beyond sympathy or friendship, and is based on an intense and long-lasting emotional bond.

Jeong is a key concept in Korean culture and is considered one of the distinctive characteristics of Korean society.


Jeong can be translated as “affection,” “attachment,” “devotion,” or “deep love.” However, none of these words fully describes the scope and depth of the feeling of jeong.

At its essence, jeong is a long-lasting emotional connection that is established between two people or between a person and an object or place.


The term jeong has its origin in Korean culture and has been used for centuries to describe a variety of emotional relationships.

Although it is difficult to trace its exact origin, some scholars suggest that the term may have arisen in the context of family relationships.

In traditional Korean society, the family is considered a fundamental unit, and the feeling of jeong plays an important role in the construction and maintenance of family ties.


The feeling of jeong is a fundamental aspect of Korean culture and manifests itself in various ways. For example, Koreans often express their jeong through everyday gestures such as cooking a meal for someone, paying attention to details that are important to the other person, or simply being present when someone needs it.

In addition, the feeling of jeong extends beyond personal relationships and can be applied to objects and places. For example, a Korean may feel jeong for their place of birth, school, or hometown. In these cases, jeong becomes a symbol of cultural identity and an emotional bond with history and tradition.

In summary, the concept of jeong is fundamental in Korean culture and can be translated as a deep feeling of emotional connection and affection. Although it has been used for centuries to describe a variety of emotional relationships, the feeling of jeong remains a distinctive characteristic of Korean society today.