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Definition of Indiciado

The word indiciado refers to a person who is believed to be the criminal mind in an act of crime but who has not been notified of that fact by the respective authorities in that field. An indiciado is completely unaware that he is the criminal mind behind a crime, nor does he suspect it.


  1. ● Accused
  2. ● Indicted
  3. ● Criminal
  4. ● Delinquent
  5. Suspect
  6. ● Alleged

ORIGIN OF Indiciado

The word indiciado is composed of the verb indicar and the suffix ado which refers to what was done, performed, subject, person. Indiciar for its part, is a verb that in its literal meaning refers to suspecting something or someone, beliefs that one has of an event in real life.

Now, in the criminal part, the indiciado is the person who is suspected of having participated or committed a crime, however, this fact is not confirmed and lacks verifiable grounds until the prosecution or the entity in charge is able to issue a sentence.


Millions of people in the world are accused of being indiciados or indiciados without having time to defend themselves or to look for sustainable evidence that they are not as they claim.

However, in history there have been cases where suspicions have been true and many others where the verdict is still unknown.

A real-life case is that of Caroline Bittencourt’s husband, who was indicted for manslaughter of this Brazilian supermodel in 2019.

The body of the girl was found in the sea and her death occurred when she went for a ride with a catamaran up the sea, the evidences point to the possible suspect was the husband for which the justice system ruled him as an indictment in the first investigations.