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Vela rosada

Definition of Vela rosada

The phrase vela rosada, Spanish for pink candle, is composed of two words, the word candle refers to the object that is used to illuminate places, it is a wick that is lit and is consumed; however, it also refers to the action of caring and caring for someone.

On the other hand, the word pink refers to the tonality of a specific color, it is a variation of red.
Now, pink candle refers to the object that is used to illuminate, but the base of the wick is pink.

They have a very special meaning, by lighting a pink candle you are wishing that affection, brotherhood and even motherhood come into your life. If you write the name of a person in a candle of that tonality you wish that she arrives to your life and you live a very tender love.

SYNONYMS FOR Vela rosada

  1. Pink candle
  2. Candle of affection
  3. Tenderness candle

ORIGIN OF Vela rosada

The color of the candles and their meaning have their origin in the spiritist and witchcraft beliefs, where it is said that there is a close relationship between the color of the candle and what you wish for.

There is a candle of each color for each wish or desire that you want to see come true, and there is also a specific time to light it. These beliefs date back to the 20th century.


The month of June is the pink month, it raises awareness of respect for women and even talks about breast cancer, in addition to this, it is also a month to light the pink candle generating that your life has harmony and lots of love, thus attracting good energies.