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Definition of Inbox

Inbox is a word that translated into Spanish means “bandeja de entrada” and is used, more than anything else, in emails, specifically, the place where the emails that are sent to your address arrive.


  1. Inbox
  2. Email inbox


This word was used for the first time in the year 1984.It is an English term composed of the word in which means entrance or inside and box which derives from mailbox which refers to mail box, that is, it is the place where the mails arrive.

Although the phrase has evolved, today, to the point of referring to other applications such as instant messaging applications like Whatsapp and social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. So saying, “check your inbox” or “send me a message to the inbox”, refers to them sending a direct message and not by posts.

There are no accounts with multiple inboxes, only one and that is why it is a term that is widely used today and that everyone, in some way, knows what they mean when they say go “to the inbox” or “to private” or “to dm or direct message”.

It should be noted that in applications such as Facebook Messenger those who want to write through this chat or inbox and are not added to the list of friends or contacts will appear in a different tray.


As a curious fact we have the classification of the inbox in the different platforms and namely there are three: the traditional inbox in emails, chats in instant messaging services and the last one is the direct messages that are used in social networks and Web 2.0 platforms.