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Definition of Implacable

This word has several meanings, among them it denotes something that cannot be placated, contained or softened, as well as something that is excessively rigorous. On the other hand, it also applies to someone or something very clean, spotless, tidy, completely free of impurities or dirt.

It also represents something of such impetus or intensity that it cannot be placated or moderated. Very severe or rigid in enforcing rules.


  1. Vindictive
  2. Unrelenting
  3. Inexorable
  4. Inflexible
  5. Cruel
  6. Hard
  7. Merciless

ORIGIN OF Implacable

This word denoting something that cannot be calmed comes from the Latin implacabilis, which in turn is composed of the prefix “in” (as in unheard, incapable and uncertainty), which changes to “im” when before “p” as in impartial, importunate and improvisation.

As for the composition of the word, it is formed by the prefix “in” meaning negation. The verb “placare” which is synonymous of calming or appeasing. The suffix “ble” which is used to make clear a possibility. That is why the meaning of the whole word is that which cannot be placated.


It is worth mentioning that there are some movies that have this word in their title. One of them is “The Relentless”, which is a thriller film and of American origin, released in 2017 under the direction of Martin Campbell and is based on the novel “The Chinaman” (1992) written by Stephen Leather.

There is also a trilogy called “Relentless Pursuit”, starring Liam Neeson and directed by Pierre Morel. Basically it is about how a former elite special forces agent searches for his daughter kidnapped by a white slavery mafia and only has 96 hours before he loses the trail.