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Definition of Nudofobia

A phobia is a disorder characterized by a disproportionate fear of something specific. Surely you already intuit the meaning of Nudofobia, but here at we are going to tell you everything related to this interesting phobia. In moments you will stop wondering what nudofibia means and you will be a little wiser.

The Nudofobia is the fear of nudity; to see a naked body, either your own or someone else’s. The nudófobos suffer great anxiety in the presence of naked people can even reach an irrational fear.

Among the possible causes of nudofibia are:

  • Fear of being physically inferior:
  • Fear of being exposed and feeling totally unprotected
  • A high level of shyness
  • Traumas of insecurity
  • Uncontrollable shame
  • Very low self-esteem

You already know the meaning of nudophobia .