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Definition of Hartura

Hartura has the meaning of excessive intake of food or drink, or the result of becoming fed up with a large quantity of a thing.

It is also interpreted as the complete and full attainment of an appetite or desire.


Excess of food

To eat a large quantity of food

To eat too much

Repletion of food

Origin of hartura



The word hartura comes from harto and is linked to that indigestion felt after having eaten in abundance, but, curiously, this word has nothing to do with the act of eating.

If we review etymologically according to the study of the origin of words and their changes in structure and meaning of Latin, this word comes from the old Castilian. It is a Castilian with variants of forms used in southwestern Spain.

In its etymology it is formed from the Latin “fartus” which refers to stuffing. In the 14th century the F- at the beginning expired to be aspirated in Castilian as a j and continues to be so today although the standard has been lost.

So if after eating or drinking you feel full, fed up or that you can’t eat any more, that’s where this other meaning comes from, which is more metaphorical, as if you have taken all you could fit in your stomach and you can’t take any more.

In this case, this word is used when you have eaten in excess, referring to the extreme, so in a few words “Jartura” means “to eat without limits.

However, there is a meaning of a feeling of not being able to do more psychically, of having reached the limit as for example “Oh, but what a jartura with these boys who misbehave!”


It was initially used in the form of the verb ’empachar’ as Spanish from the French voice ’empêcher’, used to say that something hinders or is stuck, which is the feeling of being fed up.