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Definition of Guagüita

The word “guagüita” is a term used in some Latin American countries to refer to a small child, either a boy or a girl.

This word has different meanings depending on the context and the region where it is used, so here are some of its definitions:

  • In some countries, such as Ecuador and Peru, “guagüita” refers to a newborn baby or a few months old.
  • In other places, such as Chile and Argentina, the word “guagüita” is used to refer to children who have not yet turned 2 years old.
  • In some regions of Mexico, “guagüita” is used to refer to a young girl or teenage girl.


Depending on the country and region, the word “guagüita” can have different synonyms to refer to a small boy or girl. Some of these synonyms include:

  • Baby
  • Little one
  • Toddler
  • Little boy/girl
  • Child

ORIGIN OF Guagüita

The origin of the word “guagüita” is not entirely clear, although it is believed to come from the Quechua language, which is an indigenous language spoken in the Andes of Peru. In Quechua, “wawa” means “child” and “wawita” means “little girl,” and it is believed that the word “guagüita” could be an adaptation of this term.


In some Latin American countries, the word “guagüita” is used affectionately to refer to someone who is loved very much, such as a nephew, grandchild, or even a pet. Additionally, in some regions, such as in Chile, the word “guagua” is used as a synonym for bus or public transportation.

In summary, the word “guagüita” has different meanings and synonyms depending on the country and region where it is used, but it generally refers to a small boy or girl. Its origin could date back to the Quechua language, and in some places it is used as an affectionate term to refer to someone who is loved very much.