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Definition of GG

GG is an abbreviation that is used in gaming environments and it comes from the English Good Game, which translated into Spanish would be “good game”.

Generally GG is used at the end of the game as an act of good manners, however, it can be used at the beginning of the games as an expression of good omen, “good luck”.

How to use GG?

In some cases, it has been observed that GG is used as if it were a slight laugh, due to the homophony it has with the expression “heh, heh”.

The ideal use of GG is to entertain and maintain good relations in the different games, therefore, even though the result is adverse, it is good to use the expression to promote good manners and fair play.

GG is also used sarcastically to predict a losing game or to express “this is where we come.” In this sense, what is being expressed is a situation that no longer has a remedy and that informs the disgust for the badly played.

The expression GG can, and has done, transcend beyond the context of gaming platforms and be used in other environments, be they virtual or face-to-face. 

GG variation

Next to GG it is possible to find the letters EZ, leaving the expression GG EZ . These last letters obey the homophony of the English word easy, which in Spanish means: easy.

The expression GG EZ may be more derogatory and not entirely recommendable , as it humbly expresses that beating the opponents was a very easy job.

Other uses of the term GG

GG in mathematics, specifically in mass measurements, means “gigagram” which would be equivalent to one million grams.

On the other hand GG, can refer to .gg which is the top level domain that corresponds to “Guernsey” one of the dependencies of the British crown and which is located in the English Channel.

Other less widespread uses of GG, is the reference to some nouns, namely GG Allin and GG Lupi.

GG Allin, refers to Kevin Michael Allin who was a Punk singer and GG Lupi to one of the registered stars belonging to the constellation of lupus .

In November 2018 the artist Deadmau5 released an album called “Mau5ville level: 2”, it includes 3 versions of a song called GG.