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Definition of Foodie

The word foodie is an English term that refers to a person who loves a good plate of food and tastes a good wine.

It is characterized by being a subject mostly knowledgeable about gastronomic topics and who shares his experiences on social networks so that his followers can see the promotions of the restaurants and know more and more about this branch of study.


  1. Foodie
  2. Taster
  3. Eater
  4. Gastronomic
  5. Chef


The origin of the word foodie comes from the English word food which means food.

Likewise, the use of the expression foodie, where an “i” and an “e” are added to the original word, is the creation of Paul Levy, Ann Barr and Mat Sloan who in their book used the terminology to refer to those people who live and breathe thanks to food, to those who use their knowledge to make tasty dishes with a lot of culinary style.

In 1984 was published this book called The Official Foodie Handbook.Yes, the term has been around for more than 35 years, although its boom was evidenced when Instagram started with the publications of dishes and drinks, it became a trend and users began more and more to perform this activity.


Foodie is a very popular term nowadays, in fact, in London every year is celebrated the “Foodies Festival” in which fans in this topic go and celebrate, post photos and videos.

In fact, the Festival is held to promote wine tastings, new Michelin-starred restaurants, chef presentations and new dishes, tastings and so on. It is a busy festival full of people who love good food.