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Definition of Etiqueta

The word etiqueta (etiquette) has different meanings, among which we can mention:

  • A small piece of paper, cloth or metal with information on it, tied or attached to a larger object.
  • A link to someone’s profile from a photo or comment on a website as in any social network.
  • An element of code in a computer document used especially to control formatting and layout or to establish a hyperlink.


  1. Distinctive
  2. Brand
  3. Label
  4. Sticker

ORIGIN OF Etiqueta

According to the first definition of the Royal Spanish Academy in its dictionary, it is the name of the ceremonial protocol that must be kept in royal houses and in solemn public acts. The second definition, which speaks of the ceremony in the way of referring to people individually or in acts of private life.

It is not so different from the previous one mentioned. The term is derived from the French word étiquette, which has been in use since the 14th century.

The meaning in French and Spanish is the same. It is a label or distinction given to an object or item to identify it.

Originally, in Old French, the word ‘étiquette’ was used to refer to a board or notice in a public place. In English, this French word became ticket, which refers to a brief notation or ticket.


  1. Packaging label has an attractive design to attract customers.
  2. Social media posts have at least one tag
  3. That shirt did not have a label at the time it was purchased
  4. It is necessary to look at the label of the products, as they have instructions.