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Definition of Nefelibata

Nefelibata is said to a person who often thinks about doing something else or being somewhere else. Before paying attention to what is happening where he is now.


  1. Dreamer
  2. Idealistic
  3. Absent-minded
  4. Utopian

ORIGIN OF Nefelibata

Nephelibata a cultured expression not often used in everyday language. It comes from the Greek nephélē ‘cloud’ and bátēs ‘walking’. That is, it is an adjective that is often used to refer to someone dreamy or who is in the clouds and not in reality.


Daydreaming can be a useful tool to help people maintain focus on their relevant goals, such as imagining the future success of a goal in order to motivate accomplishment of a difficult or uninteresting task.

Nephelibate people are often more successful, as they project themselves performing an action before it happens, thus seeing all the possibilities that can occur.

Another function of daydreaming is to relieve boredom. When nephelibaths are performing boring tasks, losing themselves in their mind allows their thoughts to disengage from present activities. In addition, daydreaming can cause the perception that time passes more quickly.

Having a nephelibate nature, it can serve to imagine social situations. Humans have intrinsic social behavior and actively seek the approval and companionship of others. Daydreaming is imagining past and future social events and possible conversations.

Examples of nephelibata

  • She is still very much a nephelibatha. She has been since she was a child.
  • Nefelibata people tend to be very easily distracted from their problems.
  • He has a nefelibata and romantic personality, but is not very adept at expressing his feelings.