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Definition of Esquimalito

Esquimalito is used in the Dominican Republic to refer to a homemade ice cream contained in bags.

SYNONYMS FOR Esquimalito

Ice cream





ORIGIN OF Esquimalito

The word Eskimo derives from “esquimantsic” which in the language of the Quebec Indians means “raw meat eater” although this meaning is not fully accepted by them.

So Eskimal or Eskimal, is a common name used to designate the indigenous peoples living in the boreal and arctic regions of North America and part of Siberia, it is very likely that the term Eskimalito comes from there, since this candy consists of a liquid extract, with varied flavors, which is sold in a plastic wrapper already frozen and then taken as if it were an ice cream.

Precisely because it is frozen, it is related to the word Eskimo and its minimalism.
Let’s remember that our language is in constant change and always gives room for new terms to designate things and even new words, so this new word (esquimalito) is the way Dominicans and Puerto Ricans give to this treat or dessert.

According to the regionalisms of each country, this candy receives different names such as: hielitos in Mexico, also marcianos in Peru, chupi chupi or vikingos in Venezuela, juguito congelado, bambino, bolis in Panama, charamuscas in El Salvador among others.


There are three types or kinds of these ice creams made with milk, others with fruit juice, some are made with gelatin and others simply with flavored water.
The Morel brothers were the first to industrialize this product in the Bronx, in the United States with their famous “mamitas Ices”.