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Definition of Engreído

The word “engreído”, which is Spanish for “conceited”, is a verb that adds to a person the quality of being better than others. It refers to a person who considers that he is worth too much and who makes those around him feel and think exactly the same, even if they do not agree.

This verb is used in a negative way to that person who is shouting loudly that he is good or excels in something.


  1. Conceited
  2. Petulant
  3. Proud
  4. Vain
  5. Superb
  6. Pretentious

ORIGIN OF Engreído

The word conceited finds its origin in the Latin verb incredere or a Romance creation from credere, which speaks of excelling in some task or characteristic, believing oneself better than others, becoming great.

Also, probably, these verbs in Latin have been phonetically joined with crediticio and kerd, which in Indo-European language means “heart”, hence the word conceited is a way of saying that the heart is exalted in itself in a person or that the subject finds credit in what he does and believes to be courageous.


Some people use the term conceited to refer to their pets, more specifically to dogs, with the reference to feeling appreciation or affection towards these four-legged animals.

What makes pets conceited is precisely that fact, being loved by a family that corresponds to them and pampers them.

In fact, there are self-help books so that people can understand their pets or even know the five most important habits of pets at home. It is a social trend that exalts puppies and adult dogs.