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Definition of Aitana

The word Aitana, better written in its original, Aitana, is a feminine gender name that refers to glory, virtue, strength.

If we talk about phrase we can say that the word means “the one who embodies glory”, “the land of virtue”. It is a name that has become a trend in recent years thanks to its meaning that embellishes the woman with outstanding characteristics.


  1. Glory
  2. Virtue
  3. Loyalty
  4. Land of glory
  5. Woman
  6. Female gender


The name Aitana is attributed in many cases to the Arabs, its origin in this country refers to the land of grace or means, land that has been destined.

However, many researchers and historians disagree with this fact and affirm that the name of the feminine gender is originally from Portuguese and its meaning is glory.

Many also agree that the name Aitana is originally from Latin and refers to “the mountain”, hence, although the meanings are different, they all allude to a single purpose, a land, a mountain full of grace and glory.

From the point of view of love, a woman is said to be Aitana when she quickly becomes attached to a man and has the ability to seduce him with beautiful words.


Aitana is the name of a Spanish singer, composer and actress who was born in June 1999. Currently, she is 23 years old. She specializes in the pop genre, although she has also composed melodies with a rock, ballad and even reggaeton genre.

He has won the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist. He has also participated in songs with Tini and Greicy. She became famous for her participation in the ninth edition of “Operación Triunfo”, where she won second place. She is a very talented woman who has been on the rise in recent years.