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Definition of Desindexar

This is a term in economics that means to suspend the use of general price indexes in the economic system.

The word, which translates to deindexing in English, is used in the same way, although it should be noted that it does not appear in the main dictionaries. The words that do appear are indexing and indexation.

However, in computer science it means to stop indexing and in this case it denotes to remove something, to stop ordering,


  1. Suspend general indexes
  2. Remove
  3. Stop sorting
  4. Set aside

ORIGIN OF Desindexar

As described above, this is a term that is not in the dictionaries but is accepted by the financial world as a measure that undoes indexation, specifically in matters of prices in the economic system.
In terms of salaries, debts, tax rates and currency, this term is widely used.

Similarly in the field of IT, especially when referring to the fact of deindexing URL’s or web pages, which in this case, is the SEO process by which entire web pages or specific URLs of a portal no longer appear in the SERPs of the different search portals.

Therefore, it is said that a page or URL has been deindexed when it has disappeared from the search results of search engines such as Google and it is said that this process is one of the main steps carried out by a freelance SEO consultant when taking an oversized project at SEO level.


As a curious fact there is a Law of Deindexing of the Economy, which is a political decision of the Venezuelan government that is taken when a deindexing of prices and salaries of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) is performed.