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Color Rojo

Definition of Color Rojo

  1. Rojo (Red in English) is a color of the primary group. Several varieties of secondary colors can arise by mixing it with other shades. It is a color that transmits intense emotions such as passion, love, energy, power or heat.
  2. The meaning of the color red can be found in the psychology of colors, which is related to the effects it produces in the human being.


  1. Passion
  2. Love
  3. Energy

ORIGIN OF Color Rojo

Red is a color capable of transmitting a wide range of sensations such as energy, autonomy, spontaneity, independence or sensuality and depending on the case: power. Although it certainly also has negative connotations and is related to aggressiveness, risk, hatred or violence.

As a representative color in love, rojo is the color of passion. That is why so many advertisements use this color when approaching dates such as Valentine’s Day, showing the red heart that is normally associated with love.

It is also notorious its use in ads related to high-cost products or brands that are focused on users with high purchasing power, with this is intended to convey a sense of leadership and power.

When associating a color with passion, sex or sensuality, red is the most used color to represent this state.
It should be noted that it is also associated with danger, as many prohibition signs or signs indicating danger use it.


Rojo is a color that is in 74% of the world’s national flags.

Advertising makes much use of colors to create a persuasive effect on the target audience. That is why when you use the color red, you are assessing the objectives you want to achieve and you also know very well the effects that this tone generates in users.