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Definition of Clinofilia

The meaning of Clinofilia has its etymology in the Greek and like many medical terms, its root kline is interpreted as lying and philia as love or affinity.

Clinofilia is a medical term commonly used in psychiatry and psychology. Clinofilia is the feeling that a person may have when they want to spend a lot of time during the day in bed.

And not necessarily this need will be the reflection of an organic affection. This is why it is closely linked to areas that are responsible for the study of behavior.

Clinofilia is not a disease but rather the behavioral manifestation that could guide us towards the existence of some pathology.

It is characteristic of pathologies such as depression and bipolarity. These people may feel:

  • Sad and unmotivated
  • Guilty for any current situation in which the affected person is.
  • Social isolation
  • Incomprehension and loneliness.

It should be noted that the fact that a person spends a lot of time in his bed during the day must have clinofilia.

For one to be able to say that someone has clinofilia, they must be observed for several days and observe their behavior.

Synonyms of clinofilia:

  • Clinomania

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