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Definition of Chira

There are words that represent a specific concept and others on their part are bolder to leave us with a long list of meanings. Such is the case of Chira, a term of Quechua origin that revolutionizes the way we understand it and leads us through numerous optics to be able to decipher it. Come and meet her!

Chira is a piece of cloth that has been violently torn or ripped off. However, in each region where this word is used, it has a particular meaning. Let’s see some.

What Chira Wants to Say

  • In Ecuador, it alludes to a person being left without money.

“I can’t pay you, I don’t have chira

  • In El Salvador it may refer to a sore or ulcer and also to identify the mouth.

      “Mary is sick, she has a very serious chira”

    “Shut up, shut the chira

  • In Costa Rica it is used to identify the flower in the banana leaf.

Learn More

  • It is the name of a river located in the south of Ecuador and northern Peru, known as “The Giant of the South Pacific”.
  • La perla del Chira is a song composed in 1945 in homage to the Sullana culture, a city on the north coast of Peru. Considered the second national anthem in that town.
  • This word looks like the surname of Peruvian singer Maribel Chira, winner of the Silver Seagull at the International Festival of Viña del Mar in 2017.
  • The Can de Chira is the name of a breed of dogs in Spain that is currently endangered.

Concepts of The Term

In biology theterm is applied to identify a species of spider known as “flytrap”.

In the qechua language, it is used to refer to a chili seed or seeds from other fruit plants.

End of the Chira

Without a doubt we have reviewed a very interesting term full of many connotations. We believe that you are already clear that this word is and we invite you to investigate from now on the next one. ¡ The Wan Shi Tong Library is your great ally when it comes to definitions!