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Definition of Chira

There are words that represent a specific concept and others on their part are bolder to leave us with a long list of meanings. Such is the case of Chiraa term of Quechua origin that revolutionizes the way we understand it and leads us through numerous optics to be able to decipher it. Come and meet her!

Chira is a piece of cloth that has been violently torn or ripped off. However, in each region where this word is used, it has a particular meaning. Let’s see some.

What Chira Wants to Say

  • In Ecuador, it alludes to a person being left without money.

“I can’t pay you, I don’t have chira

  • In El Salvador it may refer to a sore or ulcer and also to identify the mouth.

      “Mary is sick, she has a very serious chira”

    “Shut up, shut the chira

  • In Costa Rica it is used to identify the flower in the banana leaf.

Learn More

  • It is the name of a river located in the south of Ecuador and northern Peru, known as “The Giant of the South Pacific”.
  • La perla del Chira is a song composed in 1945 in homage to the Sullana culture, a city on the north coast of Peru. Considered the second national anthem in that town.
  • This word looks like the surname of Peruvian singer Maribel Chira, winner of the Silver Seagull at the International Festival of Viña del Mar in 2017.
  • The Can de Chira is the name of a breed of dogs in Spain that is currently endangered.

Concepts of The Term

In biology theterm is applied to identify a species of spider known as “flytrap”.

In the qechua language, it is used to refer to a chili seed or seeds from other fruit plants.

End of the Chira

Without a doubt we have reviewed a very interesting term full of many connotations. We believe that you are already clear that this word is and we invite you to investigate from now on the next one. ¡ The Wan Shi Tong Library is your great ally when it comes to definitions!