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Definition of Chav

The word Chav has been adopted by several countries around the world, among the most common we can mention Great Britain, England, Scotland and Ireland. These nations apply this expression to define a specific person’s conduct and dress. So much so, that there are many famous cataloged Chav. Want to know more about this term? Start!

The qualifier Chav is from Britain, and its meaning derogates contemptuously to young people who exhibit some kind of rude and antisocial behavior. In addition to behavior, it’s a term that usually defines kids who wear branded clothing, but with a casual style.

Chav Origin and Concepts

It is speculated that this social segmentation is of Roma origin andcomes from the word chawvo which in turn is defined as“Young person and friend”.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term Chav is used contemptuously to qualify a young man through his attire and character, calling him low in education and social class. It is also used to link it to juvenile delinquency. Despite having concepts that link her to social and rebellious but hard-working class.

Chav is a word that goes hand in hand with social racism and classism. In response to this so-called“snobism” there are those who express that, above pointing out and shooting the problems of youth, we must reflect and act on the high rates of crime, early ageing, antisocial behaviour, addictions, etc.

Many well-known artists and personalities have been labeled Chav, such as model Katie Price, TV presenter Kerry Katona, footballer Wayne Rooney among other celebrities.

Synonyms by Countries

  • In Spain the so-called Chavis known as cani .
  • Charva, Charv, scally, townie is also used in some places in England.
  • Scotland: Spide or skanger .
  • Ireland: Spide milly .

In conclusion, Chav is already part of a new subculture and it is important that you know a little about it. It should be noted that this term was named the word of the year by the University of Oxford in 2014, and continues its journey alongside negative and degrading concepts.