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Definition of CanAm

CanAm, is a word that can generate interest since it has appeared in musical themes and other media. Currently, not many outside the sports world know what CanAm means.

The word CanAm means “Canadian-American” or “Canadian-American” in Spanish, but this is only the principle about the real meaning of Can-Am.

Can Am is a prestigious Canadian brand of motor vehicles, especially all-terrain vehicles. These are designed for adventure and extreme sports.

The origin of Can-Am comes from the union of the nationalities of its creators (USA and Canada, respectively).

Can Am vehicles are synonymous with extreme adventure worldwide, most Can Am models are designed to cross rugged terrain, high slopes and level roads.

 Among the variety of CanAm all-terrain vehicles are the Four Reels “Renegade” and “DS”, as well as the all-terrain “Defender” and the Boggie “Maverik” Vehicle line.

In the world of extreme sports CanAm is known within the Boggies Racing circuit as one of the leading brands in the market.

At the end of the year 2019 the Puerto Rican singer Farruko and Miky Woodz premiered the Single “CanAm”, which refers to this brand of Vehicles and their adventurous lifestyle. Also on the cover of this Single appears a Boggie Model of CanAm.

You know what CanAm meaning