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Nuit de la Glisse

Definition of Nuit de la Glisse

Have you been listening to this phrase since the beginning of the last decade but have no idea of ​​its meaning? Let’s break down and find out what’s around this combination of words. 

Nuit de la Glisse is an expression of the French language that means “Night of sliding”. Also known as Nuit de la Glisse is the main identification of three feature films that premiere on June 12 on the Netflix platform . Shall we go deeper? Ahead!

What is Nuit de la Glisse?

The phrase is composed of “Nuit” which means “Night” , “de la” which translates into the preposition “de” and “Glisse” is defined as “slip” or “slide” .

If we transfer it to the cinematographic context, its translation can be defined as “Ski night” . The reason for this is due to the theme raised in these documentaries.

The productions of Nuit de la Glisse, or NDG Cinema , focus on pursuing the experiences of a talented group of veteran athletes by performing extreme activities in unimaginable places.

Characteristics of the documentary Nuit de la Glisse

These NDG Cinema productions are directed by Thierry Donard and starring renowned and veteran extreme sports professionals.

The documentaries are projected in extraordinary 4K images , filmed in stunning landscapes such as the Norwegian fjords, the Chamonix glaciers or the Utah desert .

Some of the athletes who stand out in the latest productions are: Karsten Gefle (Ski), Matt Annetts (Snowboard), Matahi Drollet (Surf), Jesse Richman (Kitesurf), Davide Carrera (Apnea).

Releases of Nuit de la Glisse

These are the NDG cinema documentaries that Netflix will screen for the first time starting this June 12


Live the extreme experience with these impressive documentaries that will take you to fascinating places in our world. In the meantime, we continue to make sure we always have all the meaning you need up to date. We stay here!