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Definition of Bope

Bope is a word related to the police world and the fight against crime in Brazil , but … Do you really know its meaning? Do not worry, because then we will show you what is the meaning of Bope and its origins.

The origin of Bope comes from the acronym for the name of a body of special forces originating in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Thus, the name Bope comes from the Portuguese language words “Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais”

Knowing this, if we start from its acronym, the meaning of Bope in Spanish is “Special Police Operations Battalion.”

The Bope was created in 1978 as part of a project devised by the military police captain Paulo Cesar de Souza.

As an armed force dependent on the military police in Rio de Janeiro , the Bope is responsible for high-risk operations, especially in neighborhoods and slums.

One of its main characteristics is your typical black dress and its high level of training in the use of weapons.

Bope members are selected through a hard and tortuous training program whose purpose is to purify those who do not meet the requirements.

It should be noted that the Bope uses restricted military armament given the difficulty of the operations they perform.

The use of this kind of weapons is due to the fact that the criminals and drug traffickers who fight are usually equipped with military weapons.

Among the weapons used by the bope are the M16, M41A and FN FAL rifles, the P90 and MP5 submachine guns, also the M3 shotgun among others.

As an additional fact, there is a film based on this military force called ” Elite Troop “, which tells the experiences of several members of the Bope.