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Definition of Pena

The word pity refers to the feeling of shame that a person may have when faced with a situation that displeases him or her or simply exposes him or her to public opinion.

Also, the word grief means a feeling of great sadness that a person has because of a pain caused or a disappointment in love. Likewise, pena, used in another context, acquires the meaning of a punishment given to a person who has committed a crime.


  1. Sadness
  2. Grief
  3. Shame
  4. Guayabo
  5. Pain
  6. Punishment
  7. Grief
  8. Correction
  9. Anguish


The word penalty comes from the Latin poena, which, in its original sense means a punishment that must be imposed and that must be fulfilled, hence its variant to the life sentence or a sentence of so many years, this expression used to denote the punishment given to a criminal.

At the same time, it is believed that this origin of the word penalty has transformed the use of the word, since when someone feels condemned, in prison, judged can have negative feelings such as sadness, regret, shame; due to this, the popular jargon assumes that the word penalty is also a synonym of these feelings that are exacerbated in the midst of such situation.


The word pena is so broad in its meaning that the meaning it adopts will depend on its semantic use in the sentence.

If we are talking about a very great sadness we can say “he has a great sorrow, poor man”; on the other hand, if we want to use the word pena as a punishment, we can simply say “he should pay the full penalty, it is only fair” and if we want to talk about shame we can say “he is ashamed to present himself in public”.