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Definition of Aroace

Aroace, a word that is increasingly heard in LGBTQIA+ spaces, is an abbreviation of the words “aromantic” and “asexual”.

Therefore, someone who identifies as aroace refers to a person who does not experience romantic or sexual attraction towards any person.


Although aroace is a word that is commonly used, there are other terms used to describe someone who does not experience romantic or sexual attraction.

These include aromantic, asexual, ace, aro, and acearo. Each term has its own connotations and specific meanings, but all refer to the same experience of not feeling romantic or sexual attraction.


The aroace identity is a relatively new identity that has emerged in recent years as the LGBTQIA+ community has begun to recognize and accept the various ways in which people can experience attraction.

Although the aroace identity is not yet as recognized as homosexuality or bisexuality, the community is growing rapidly and gaining more visibility.


Some aroace people may experience romantic or sexual attraction very rarely or in specific circumstances, but still identify as aroace because this attraction is not strong or frequent enough to be considered part of their sexual orientation.

Although aroace specifically refers to the lack of romantic and sexual attraction, aroace people can experience other types of attraction, such as platonic or aesthetic attraction.

It is also important to note that the aroace identity is only one of the many ways in which people can experience attraction or lack thereof.