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Amor platónico

Definition of Amor platónico

The expression amor platónico, platonic love in English Language, refers to a deep feeling of infatuation or love where such feeling is not reciprocated, likewise, platonic love usually refers to the subject for whom such feeling is experienced.

SYNONYMS FOR Amor platónico

  1. ● Ideal love
  2. ● Impossible love
  3. ● Unattainable love
  4. ● Love of youth
  5. ● Crush
  6. ● Secret crush

ORIGIN OF Amor platónico

Platonic love is an expression composed of two words, has its origin in the ideas of the Greek philosopher Plato described in one of his works, more specifically, in his work called “The Banquet”.

In addition, he was an aggressive defender of the immaterial ideas to this world, such as virtue, goodness, the human being itself, he considered that there were two planes in the world.

This great thinker believed in love as something pure, with very exalted ideas of feeling, he considered that love should focus more on virtue, on that which is not perceived at sight, because of this, the popular jargon began to use the term platonic referring to those ephemeral loves that only remained in the imagination.

CURIOSITIES OF Amor platónico

Many artists and singers throughout their career have confessed to having had a platonic love, either a colleague or a teacher, tutor or childhood friend.

Colombian singer Shakira, in an interview, confessed that, in her adolescence, she had a platonic love and that she still maintains that affection and tenderness towards Argentine musician Gustavo Cerati, who is now remembered for his great influence on the music of many.

Gustavo Cerati was the vocalist, guitarist and composer of the rock band Soda Stereo, due to this, he had international recognition in the music world. He passed away in 2014 and was a great leader.