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Definition of Alfa

The phrase “alpha male” refers to a dominant man with success and leadership abilities.

In anthropology, the term “alpha male” is used to designate the animal in the pack that holds the position of leader and is respected and obeyed by the rest of the group.

By analogy, when a human holds the position of leader, they are also referred to as the “alpha male,” and the word “alpha” is used to describe a person who is very assertive and independent when it comes to making decisions.


  1. The strongest man
  2. Leader
  3. Boss
  4. Strongest male animal


The terms “alpha” and “beta” were almost exclusively used in animal ethology before the 1990s, mainly in relation to the mating privileges with females, the ability to maintain territory, and the hierarchy of food consumption within their pack or herd.

The scientist who introduced the concept of the alpha male is a University of Minnesota scientist named David Mech, a world expert on wolves.

In his 1968 book, he talked about the alpha wolf, who was able to impose himself on the other wolves in the pack by fighting and defeating them one by one.

Mech himself abandoned this idea more than twenty years ago. What was happening is that the studies were being carried out with wolves in captivity, where fights were constant.

However, after studying wolves in the wild, they discovered that packs were not armies, but families.


Studies indicate that women are attracted to tall, strong, dominant, and aggressive men (alpha males) because they indicate greater chances of survival. But it has also been found that the most satisfying, intimate, and long-lasting relationships are those that are more egalitarian, with no domination.