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Definition of Aleatorio

Aleatorio, also known as “random” in English Language is an adjective and refers to something that proceeds, is made or occurs without a definite purpose, reason or pattern.

In statistics it means a selection process in which each element of a set has the same probability of beingchosen.


  1. Random
  2. Uncertain
  3. Any
  4. Random

ORIGIN OF Aleatorio

Random applies to that which occurs or is done without careful choice, objective, or plan. For example, a random comment. Also, when something is random it applies to what is done, happens, or is said without regard to its consequences or relevance.

Thus, the implication of accident or chance refers to an occurrence that seems to happen by chance without intention or purpose and often connotes carelessness and indifference.

It also refers to a chance circumstance. It suggests a lack of method or system, as when jumping from one thing to another