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Abiete – Abieto

Definition of Abiete – Abieto

Abiete is a name, now in disuse, that refers to one of the names formerly given to the tree known as fir.

SYNONYMS FOR Abiete – Abieto





ORIGIN OF Abiete – Abieto

Abiete is a masculine word and comes from the Latin abĭes -ĕtis. There are languages in which abiete is used abiete is used only within the study of botany but is in general disuse, as fir is the common name given to such a tree.

This tree grows in abundance in the Pyrenean area; it was exploited in the Middle Ages for its wood for various uses, especially in the production of the chemical substance called turpentine.

It has whitish bark belonging to the family of pinaceae, with acicular leaves and abundant fruits in oval pineapple, almost cylindrical. Its trunk is tall and straight, and the bark is smooth, it has a cone-shaped crown with horizontal branches.

Its leaves are flat, quite rigid and can also be identified by their small size.

It is possible that this tree reaches up to 60 meters high; it is usually found in places of great height and fresh wood, it is appreciated for certain and certain constructions for its size and whiteness. Its wood has great value in the making of naval constructions and musical instruments.

CURIOSITIES OF Abiete – Abieto

It is the classic Christmas tree used in many countries, where they decorate them with ornaments, garlands and lights.

The famous tradition indicates that the Christmas fir tree is decorated on December 8, the Day of the Virgin or the Immaculate Conception and is kept with its ornaments and decorations until January 6, which is the Day of the Three Wise Men.