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AA degree

Definition of AA degree

Academic term in English that literally translated into Spanish means “grado asociado”. In other words, it designates a lower level of study than undergraduate.

In American terms it is a technical degree of study. It is less than a professional career because its hourly intensity is lower and it generally seeks to provide qualified labor.


It is the transliteration into Spanish of the Gujarati term આ ડિગ્રી which translates as “el grado”. In other words, it refers to a level of something or the culmination of an academic career.


AA degree comes from the English language exactly abbreviates the first word of the phrase associate degree. Thus, if it is translated verbatim into Spanish, an “grado asociado” is obtained. In this way, the meaning is “career or technical degree”. This type of grade is lighter in weight than the professional grade.

According to its nature, the AA degree is a degree that is in the middle of the bachelor’s degree and the university degree respectively. This study tends to last approximately two years and provides the student with a certain level of knowledge and technical skills for their branch itself.


An AA degree can be obtained in different institutions, be it in vocational schools, universities, technical training centers and others more.