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A Pale

Definition of A Pale


  1. It refers to the wooden pallets or pallets that are placed as a support or base to stack boxes or other elements.
  2. Furniture, decoration or other similar made with wooden pallets.


  1. Translated from the Romani language, a pale means “secretly” or from behind.


The phrase “a pale” comes from the Calé language, better known as the gypsy language outside of Spain. So, literally translated from Calé, “a pale” means “secretly”. The Calo language is a derivative of Romani, that is, the language of the gypsies.

The use of this expression is almost exclusive in Spain for speakers of the Spanish language. However, music and other factors have made the phrase popular and known in other contexts. Especially, “a pale” has spread thanks to the Spanish artist Rosalía.


  1. In November 2019 the Spanish interpreter Rosalía published her song “A Pale” as a new promotional single. Soon, this topic was received in a massive way by the public.
  2. In the general context of the song “A Pale”, the singer Rosalía shows a dark and gloomy atmosphere, giving meaning to the meaning of a pale being “secretly”