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A Escondidas

Definition of A Escondidas

A feminine adverbial phrase that means to carry out something in a hidden way or keep something well-guarded or protected, for example, keeping an object, a meeting, or particular information hidden.

It is also the name of a children’s game where participants hide while another player counts to a certain number out loud with their eyes closed (usually 10 to 20 seconds), and then has to find them, losing the game if they can’t find everyone.


  1. • Away
  2. • Hidden
  3. • Clandestine
  4. • Unknown
  5. • Safe
  6. • Protected
  7. • Apart
  8. • Isolated
  9. • Invisible
  10. • Encrypted
  11. • Blocked
  12. • Lost
  13. • Stored
  14. • Filed away

ORIGIN OF A Escondidas

The term “a escondidas” comes from the Spanish word “escondido,” which originates from Latin and is formed by two Latin parts: the prefix “abs,” meaning from the interior or keeping in the interior, and “condere,” meaning the act of hiding or concealing something.

Popularly, the term “a escondidas” is colloquially relevant as it often refers to a secret meeting between lovers who wish to see each other without anyone else knowing and keeping the encounter secret, for example, a couple who wish to meet without their parents finding out.


It is often referred to as a suggestive term of sexual origin, where the husband or wife decides to have an intimate encounter with their lover in a clandestine way. This naughtiness is often used in urban music, especially in reggaeton, to refer to sexual encounters or games.

Popularly, it is also used as a colloquial expression that denotes a dishonorable or illegal act that no one should find out about, such as theft, betrayal, an illegal meeting, an act of sabotage, etc.