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Definition of 222

The meaning of this number is usually the representation of joy, balance and peace.
It is also related to the word beginning and strength.








The number 222 is more than a simple representation of two times 111 and there are many different meanings attributed to this number, however there is one in particular that stands out above the rest and that is that this number can be related to and refer to the word “beginning”, or as a representation of a new beginning.

In fact, it is often said that this succession of three digits gives people some kind of additional guidance in their quest to get the right direction in their lives.

However, this is also a number that is often associated with the desire for health, love, and happiness in relationships. People who have been in relationship and are associated with this number are said to be genuine, deeply emotional, intuitive and dedicated individuals, which makes them possess a great deal of strength.

Numerology experts say that this number is both strong and elegant, as its shape bends but never breaks under pressure, thus, with every obstacle, warning that it is possible to adapt to any situation because as long as we are fair, even in adversity, we can compromise and remain calm.

It is said that these 3 numbers also represent marriage and couples and some mystics even believe that the number 222 represents the omnipresence of the Creator.


The number 222 has a profound meaning in various other spiritual practices. It has been related to dreams of pregnancy, and even to dreams of snakes.

It is said that seeing this number in dreams means that you are close to the experience of spiritual enlightenment.