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Definition of 2032

It is an Arabic number that is part of the most common number sequence in the world. For this reason, it can have many different applications in various contexts.

It generally refers to the year 2032 which will be a leap year from the point of view of the Gregorian calendar.


From the promotional point of view of the artist Bad Bunny, 2032 will be the year in which the world ends and for that reason he is so present in the diffusion of his album “The last tour of the world”.


Interest in the number 2032 stems from the publications, outfits and other references of the artist Bad Bunny, before and during the launch and promotion of the album “The last world tour”. This singer has used it several times in his outfits, especially those related to his song “Booker T“.

In general, the reference made by the artist is related that in 2032 the music will be like what he presents in his album. For this reason, he designates the songs on this album as futuristic and, in a way, apocalyptic.

For Bad Bunny, perhaps 2032 will be the last year of life on earth. This is why the album is entitled “The last tour of the world”, because, from his point of view, it is the same as the last music that humanity can listen to.


The fact that Bad Bunny makes it seem between the lines that the year 2032 will be the last year of life has led to the increase in conspiracy theories around the subject.

In the video for the song “Booker T” Bad Bunny appears with a t-shirt with the number 2032 and he also wears it at other times in wrestling contexts.

For scientists in November 2032 the earth will pass close to a cloud of space debris called “Swarm of the Taurids” this event is potentially dangerous. However, this cloud is under analysis to determine and avoid any type of risk.