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Definition of Yonaguni


It is the name given to one of the Japanese islands known as Yaeyama Islands of the Ryukyu Islands. Specifically, it is called “Yonaguni Jima”. It is characterized by being very close to the country of Taiwan or being the westernmost island in Japan with respect to its location.

It may refer to the language spoken on Yonaguni Island. This language is the means of communication for at least 1800 people who live in the place.

Literally translated from the yonaguni it means “place where the sand has risen“. In other words, it would be a synonym for island, as it would be the place where the sand was raised over the sea.


Yonaguni is a word transliterated into Spanish from Japanese 与 那 国that translates “Yonaguni Jima” or “Yonaguni Island”. This word in the Yonaguni language means “place where the sand has risen” and it would be the way in which an island is designated in that language.

This word mainly designates the place called Yonaguni, as well as the language spoken in the place. It is an island well known for its military history and for the underwater city that its waters harbor.


“Yonaguni” is a song by the Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny that was released as a single in early June 2021. The song is romantic in nature and uses the name of the island as a synonym that he would do anything for someone, even travel there.

Yonaguni Island has great value for archeology due to the city or civilization remains found there in 1987 by Kihachiro Aratake. They are remnants of an ancient civilization that is at least 3,000 to 10,000 years old.