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Viking Runes

Definition of Viking Runes

Viking runes are a system of signs of an ancient alphabet from the regions of Scandinavia. The word rune means whisper, secret or mystery.


Ancient alphabet




Ancient symbols

Writing on stone

ORIGIN OF Viking Runes

This system of oracle reading helps the seers to understand certain situations or to answer specific questions of the querent.

It is an alphabet usually carved in stone that was used in Viking times and its knowledge was then transferred throughout Europe, being used to write legends or in order to perform certain mysterious ceremonies and rituals.

The rune is an ancient method of oracle used for those who sought advice and wanted to solve certain issues in their lives.

It is part of an ancient past in which they were used by Nordic and Germanic tribes, however this system remains in force and is used in our current society within esoteric circles.

Not everyone is able to perform a reading of the runes because you must be very prepared and find a proper guide who has the precise knowledge, this means that each runic symbol belongs to a letter of the alphabet that has symbolic meanings that were used in the not too recent past.


Runes were usually carved in stone or wood and usually contain a runic symbol in the center.

There are different kinds of runic alphabets, although the oldest is known as Elder Futhark, containing 24 runes that were adapted and even over time other runes were added, so this alphabet reaches 33, and is known as Futhorc.