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Definition of SMH

One of the most used acronyms in TikTok and other social meadia is SMH which abbreviates Shake my head. It is used as an expression to express disappointment, something you don’t approve of or can’t believe.


He let me down

It made me feel bad

It drove me crazy

It confused me

I got all tangled up

It exploded my head

It made me sad


A year after the app became famous thousands of new phrases and acronyms appeared and it is practically impossible to keep up with their meaning unless you use it assiduously and of course you are still young, since they are the ones who use the platform the most.

This acronym is used to show disappointment, embarrassment and even disbelief. It means that you are speechless and all you can do is shake your head in disappointment, i.e. “shake your head”.

Nobody really knows where the expression came from and who started using it, what is certain is that it became present before the end of the 2000s and today it is being used massively in TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and even SMS.


Some people use the expression in another context, referring to the fact that certain music causes him to dance and SMH, but this time the head moves up and down or from right to left with effusion and supposedly to the rhythm of the music.

In 2017 the American rap singer Young Dolph presented his song SMH where he exclaims to the world his disappointment at the annoyance people feel when they see a person of color being hardworking or successful.